Neither Knight Nor Knave
Book One of the Knights of Charlemagne

Status: Complete
Genre: Urban Fantasy

The time is the 21st century, the place is Montréal. On the eve of the biggest Tourney season yet, Knight-Champions are turning up dead.

The bodies are battered and bloodied, clawed and eviscerated. The local police whitewash the media with stories of illegal back alley tournaments and hungry wild animals.

Yeah, right.

Genevieve d’Evangeline is a Knight of Charlemagne, a specialist Order charged with hunting down and destroying supernatural creatures. She’s prepared for werewolves, but the silver bullets in her guns don’t work as well on these new killing machines — monsters faster, stronger and deadlier than the regular run-of-the-mill.

Sir Robert Croxton, the Investigator for the Office of Chivalric Affairs, is tasked with solving the grisly deaths before the body count rises any more. The last thing he expects to go against is a bunch of twisted, mutated creatures from a bad B-movie. When these monsters hunt after the love of his life, Robert has to figure out how to fight them.

And fast.

War Cry
A book of The Huntsmen

Status: In Revision
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Shapeshifters quietly retreated from human society when the Supernatural Civil Rights wars got out of hand in the 1950s. Their disappearance marked the last time that Huntsmen bonded with their totems, forcing them to continue their fight against demons without their greatest weapon.

It’s only a matter of time before the demons take advantage of the Huntsmen's weakness and stage a coup to wipe their enemies from the face of the earth once and for all.

A flesh-eating diri olum demon escapes Huntsman Aran Kellis. Kellis is too late to save her, but he tracks the demon to an apartment building where he witnesses it plunge from the rooftops after battling a golden eagle.

A golden eagle that he knows in his heart to be his totem.

Jana Windhaven's secret is out, and now, the diri olum are after her. The demons will do anything to stop Jana from bonding with her Huntsman and giving him the power he needs to defeat them.

But power isn't the only thing Kellis is after...


Genre: Urban Fantasy

It’s a routine crime-scene clean-up until the grieving widow attacks the crew with supernatural strength and a SWAT team breaks in to take her away and eliminate witnesses. Except Nanette Mercier, formerly of the Special Forces, isn’t that easy to kill.

That’s because she’s special.

There’s a nasty new drug on the streets, and it’s not being cooked up in basement labs or imported from tropical countries. Its main ingredient is blood.

Demon blood.

The drug’s euphoria and magical side effects are popular among the nouveau riche, white collars, Gen-Xers, and bored teenagers. An uncut version of the drug takes the rapture to another level, and the violent crimes, killing sprees and brutal murders are making the front pages of newspapers nationwide.

When the masterminds behind the demon blood pills left Nanette for dead, they should’ve made sure she really was dead.

Because now, she’s pissed.

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