Blow, blow, thou winter wind

Our first “real” winter storm has hit — living in the north, I have a very exacting definition of a real winter storm, and it involves -20 (or better) windchill, a wind biting enough to sand the skin, and snowfall that requires going out every couple of hours for a good shoveling.

We don’t quite have the last one yet, but the snow drifts are pretty intense.

I hit the grocery store early this morning before the storm hit, and it was nice not to have to battle crowds for the last courgette, or to commiserate over the slim pickings in the broccoli cooler. Aside from the usual weekly groceries, I stocked up on StuffTM for making vegetarian lasagna. I haven’t made it in ages, and the prepackaged frozen stuff just doesn’t do.

If there was ever a day to spend over the stove making the sauce, cooking the pasta, and playing the part of a kid slathering messy sauce all over the place, it was today. I ended up with two pans for the freezer, one big one for my mom and dad, and another one for tonight.

Why is it not dinner time yet?

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