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Gratuitous Dog Post (with pictures)

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

So I’d asked, people answered, and the loudest of the few votes was for “More Dogs”.

I haven’t posted about the boys in a while. Solo is healthy and active and still able to outrun Deuce if you give him enough room to really hit his stride. Deuce is healthy and active and a very much a fan of playing Keep Away with Solo.

I’ll talk about Deuce first, even though, logically, Solo comes first, but…


Lead with the left

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Sometime between Sunday morning and Monday night, I messed up my knee, and I have no idea what I did.

Part of me wants to blame the Real Bright Idea I had to go running in the early Sunday morning clear-sky, deceptive-sunshine with a balmy forecast of 4 C. It was lies. All lies. It might have been clear-skies and deceptive-sunshine, but the 4 C was actually -6 C, and with the windchill, closer to -12 C.

I didn’t dress for the real temperature, and I might as well have been running naked for all the fat lot of good my clothes were doing against the wind. There was a point, 3 km out, where I thought very long and hard about carrying the dogs on my shoulders and arms, just to get warm.

So, I might’ve twisted my knee on the very uneven road (late fall road construction for the win) and never felt it through the cold. Hell, it took two hours for my head to thaw after I got back home, and I couldn’t feel anything else. What with being all creaky and decrepit and old, it probably took my joints a little longer to soften up, but not before I’d snapped something that didn’t want to bend.

Another part of me wants to blame the Really Shitty Weather we’ve been having lately. I think almost all of September and October (thus far) can be a complete write off in terms of nice weather. The nonstop rain can go away now, please, I could’ve done without the two inches of snow covering my car yesterday morning, and the frost on the windows and windshield took ten minutes to scrape off this morning.

But if anything, the arthritis in my ankle should’ve flared up, but it didn’t.

Dumb knee. Doesn’t it know that it needs to put in its sick days in advance?