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The silence is deafening

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

So where have I been? Writing, writing, writing. I’ve been writing until the words burned into my brain and spilled out of my ears, but the net result was a completed Draft Two of the Biohazard work-in-progress.

Draft Two of Biohazard — which now has an official title, at least insofar as I know what I’ll be calling it when I start querying agents — needs a bit of spit and polish, because there are typos


How embarrassing.

I finished this draft just before July 1st and forwarded a copy to my crit partner and to one other person who has no idea about the book whatsoever. I have heard back from one crit partner, who blazed through it in a rather short period of time, called me evil over the ending, and pointed out a few things that I can easily fix.

But now that I’m done, and waiting to hear back from the other two (well, three) people who have a copy of this draft, I don’t know what to do with myself.

Well, that’s not exactly true, but between being out of town last weekend, and being up to my eyebrows in StuffTM this weekend, it’s probably safer if I don’t start something right now, because I hate being interrupted — it drives me batty stopping something when I’m on a roll, or in the middle of something, so imagine how it’s like to not be able to stay awake until I’ve finished writing a book that just wants to spill out. Once the weekend’s over, though, I have things I want to do:

  1. Update the website to be completely WordPress-based, not just the blog, to make it easier for me to update and add new pages;
  2. Write the synopses for Biohazard 2 and Biohazard 3, which also have titles, but I’m not sharing them yet;
  3. Go back to The BookTM, the Maiden Voyage book that made it to the end of the harbour before listing badly to one side, as if it’d been nicked by a stealth torpedo. I intend on taking it apart and rebuilding it, to fix whatever holes there are, so that this time no one will want to say “no” to it.

Those are my three Things To Do this month, and it goes without saying that I’ll be polishing up Biohazard 1 and to put together the query letter to send out.

And at some point, I’ll actually enjoy the summer.

If the sweltering heat doesn’t get to me first.

Geez whiz

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

I’d started my last post, the one about the dogs, with every good intention of posting on a more regular basis — “more regular” defined less as the consequence of eating daily fiber, and more as an event occurring with more frequency than the appearance of a blue moon.

Dogs, general things, and work-related stories were among the suggested topics for blog posts, and I’ve already done the dog thing once. So general things and work-related stories for the next few, and hopefully those will come sooner than later.

I’ll have to come up with a list of topics…

2010 Goals

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Resolutions don’t work for me, because I tend to forget that I’ve made them. Goals are another matter, though, because they’re a continually changing process.